"Andrew Kibe anapenda wamama! Jalang'o claps back to the King of Masculinity
Albanas Kiswili
3 weeks ago

Kiss FM presenter and Langata Constituency aspiring Member of Parliament Felix Odiwour alias Jalang'o has clapped back to controversial radio presenter Andrew Kibe.

In an interview with Kenya Youtuber, Jalas has said that Andrew Kibe is currently broke and being kept by an older woman. "Andrew Kibe anapenda wamama sana. Na hiyo ndio utamu yake. Unajua mapenzi ya mama, unapata mapenzi na bado unakuwa kama mtoto wake."

The Kibe-Jalas War

On Thursday, September 16, Mayau Dreamchaser, a Kisumu-based clothes hawker who became an overnight internet sensation was interviewed by Kiss 100 presenter Jalang’o. Mayau who sells ladies’ wear has cut a niche for dressing as a woman and cracking jokes as a way of attracting more clients 

Two days after the interview aired, Kibe whom Jalal replaced at Kiss 100 as part of the Breakfast show released a video criticizing Jalang’o for interviewing a man who chooses to wear women’s clothes.

Jalang’o has however stated that if Andrew Kibe is undergoing any financial constraints, he should contact him in order for him to help out.