"Am in love with my two cousin. What should I do??" Cries city girl
Delyne Bosibori
1 month ago

A lady has been torn in between her two cousins wondering whom she would choose. The lady in question has narrated her story saying how she fell in love with both of her cousins. Knowing clearly that her parents will never support that, she has made the decision of settling with one of them.

"I started seeing my cousins when we had finished school. At that time we used to stay in the village with my parents and we were waiting for the university intake. My mother saw it wise for me to go and stay at her sister's place. We used to be left alone with my cousins as their parents used to travel from time to time. As the only girl in the house, I used to be so full of myself because all the attention was on me. I used to sneak into their rooms at night, play games with them before heading back into my own to sleep. I started developing feelings slowly for both of them because of the love they showed me. We went an extra mile of having sex. I am not sure if they know am sleeping with both of them because everyone is trying to keep it low key from the other. It has now reached a point that am supposed to choose between the two and I have no clue what to do," she narrated.

The girl in question wants to have a serious relationship with one of the two brothers. However, it has become a hard task for her in choosing because she is in love with both of them. What is the best thing you think she can do??