"Am in love with my best friend." Narrates campus girl
Delyne Bosibori
1 month ago

A lady has narrated how she has slowly fallen in love with her best friend. The lady in question is at war with herself because she feels if she tells her friend about the same she will lose her because she has never been into girls.

The two have grown up together since they were young kids. The two are used to sharing everything to an extent that they ended up sharing a house when they joined campus. However, as time went by the lady whose name will be kept a secret started developing feelings for her friend. 

The idea of her telling her friend what she feels then be rejected at the end really breaks her. 

"I am so in love with her to an extent that when she goes to meet her boyfriend I sit in the house and cry. I hate him and am willing to do anything that can lead to them breaking up. I want her all to myself and she has no female friends because am jealous. I always make sure she is not in good terms with her friends because she might stop loving," she narrrated emotionally.

The lady has thought of opening up to her friends but fears the outcome. "I will tell her how I feel and no matter how she reacts she will still remain to be the love of my life. She is either mine or no ones," she said.

At some point it seems like the love she has for her has turned into obsession.