Alert!! Kids stolen at Zimmerman
Albanas Kiswili
5 months ago

The world is becoming crazy day in day out. The cases of people and kids being kidnapped is at the pick. Why can one make a parent go through all that torture of losing a child? People are so hurtless.

Yesterday more than two kids were stolen at Zimmerman. Among the ones stolen, one was coming back from school in the evening when a stranger called her by name. The suspect read a label at the back of the child's bag and called her by name. The kid then thought the stranger knew her hence followed her.

The other three year old was hijacked by a lady right inside their compound and disappeared with her.

Kids at a young age get impressed by small things such as sweets among other snacks. These people hence use such items to entice kids to follow them. They then put on them masks that are drugged that interrupts their memories. Once this is done the kids refer to them as their aunty incase they are questioned. Most of these kidnappers are ladies because they know how to lure the kids compared to men.

All parents are therefore advised to be careful about the same. You should not trust your kids with anyone and if possible pick them from school personally. When the kids are playing, always keep your eyes on them.