Akothee talks about taking her business to another level
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago

Akothee has stepped out to address an issue that seems to have been disturbing her. Mixing family in business is a deadly road to take. She advises people not to take it lightly anymore.

The mother of five said that most people take her willingness to support for stupidity. She is a woman of her words even from her actions. She gives what she is only capable of giving out. The Kenyan artist said, she cannot promise to give something that is beyond her capability.

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"I have been patient for 5 months, being told different lies everyday, 7 days turn into 14days, into 1 month, it's 5 months down the line and I think its time now. When you try to question them, the first corner they run to is (ooh you are threatening me!). This month June am ready to die for what belongs to me." She narrated.

It seems she did not like how people were handling her business. She has hence sworn to be strict about the same no matter what it takes. She has learnt her lessons about family in business. Something she is not ready to carry on with.