A pastor has become a talk of the day after a video of him disciplining his followers has erupted online
Delyne Bosibori
6 months ago

Churches nowadays have turned into something else. The way the pastors are handling their churches is becoming surprising. A video had circulating online whereby a pastor was slapping his followers on their heads as he was preaching and praying to them. 

Today another video has erupted online where the pastor is seen whipping his congregants with their leather belts. The followers are seen lying down dresssed in all black as their heads touched the floor. The pastors, who were three in number are seen disciplining those congregants who were not following their instructions

This has left netizens talking about the same. One of the people commented saying he wonders what the churches have turned into. According to him, some churches have brain washed their followers hence they follow them blindly. "This is not a church it's a sect, it's devilish, it's brainwashing and inhumane. No God is worshipped through violence. My God is a God of order and he is merciful," he said