A man slaughters daughter's head after an argument with wife
Delyne Bosibori
6 months ago

A man has shocked many for killing both the wife and daughter. The couple has been married for so long and are blessed with a baby girl who is 6 years of age. The couple had an argument that was so heated up that left the man so angry. However, the cause of the of the argument has not been discovered till now.

The man from Tharaka Nithi county stabbed his wife to death after the heated argument. After the act, he turned and chopped off the head of his own 6 year old daughter. According to the family of the deceased, the couple had been having some marital status that led to their separation for years now. 

Murungi's dad, who lives nearby said he was called to be informed that his daughter had been killed by the husband. That is when he headed to the scene only to find both his daughter and grand daughter lying dead on the ground. "I was called and informed that my daughter has been murdered by the husand. I rushed to the scene and found out it was true. All I want is justice for my daughter," the dad said.

The police have given information that he ran after the deadly act and hid at Chuka University farm. However, more investigations are underway as the DCI are still looking for him.