A man on the run after stabbing wife at Athi river arrested
Delyne Bosibori
6 months ago

A man from Athi river stabbed his wife 6 times on the belly. This is after he found his wife red handed with another man on the bed. They guy got angry took a knife and stabbed the wife 6 times as the man ran for his life.

The wife went missing for two days and this caused an alarm as the neighbors suspected something was wrong. After two days, the body of the deceased was found in their house at Athi river. That is when the neighbors informed the police about the same. 

Andrew Mutiso, the suspect has been missing since the body of his late wife was taken into custody. However, earlier today he presented himself into the police station.  He was accompanied with his other two brothers as he confesssed to killling her. However, an autopsy is planned on later today as more investigations are underway.