A man from Bondo arrested for defiling his niece
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago

The 30 year old man was arrested after defiling his 9 year old niece. He was taken into custody at Bondo Police station. This incident has left many people wondering what the world is getting to.

Lucas Wata is said to have lured the young girl into his house before conducting the act. It was also noticed that he had beaten the child when she tried to call for help. However, the child escaped later on and reported the matter to his uncle. The family hence escorted the suspect to the police station.

The young girl was taken to Nango Health Center and later transferred to Bondo sub-county hospital for proper medication as the acting chief of Sakwa location Mr. William Oreme went ahead to advise parents on the care for their children. They should not trust anyone with their kids as the rate of immorality is at the pick.

Meanwhile, prosecution is underway for the suspect.