A man divorces wife to marry the house help
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago

In most families especially where both the man and wife are working, there has to be a house help. The house help will be maintaining the house and doing house chores when the bosses are at work.

However, this does not mean that house helps should do all the work while the wife is resting. Sometimes they need a helping hand. Most men like it when their wives prepare them food and engage in house chores. This guy in question married a woman whom to him was lazy. She used to do nothing even when at leave. He used to see how the house help did all the work including making their bed.

One evening he finds the house help chewing meat and putting it back to the pot while cooking. On asking she said the madam does not allow her to eat meat. He does not report the matter to the wife because he knows how she can react. He had been observing her for quite sometime. The next day very early he over hears the wife quarrelling with the house help. On asking the wife said that she had broken a glass.

The husband at this point is fed up with the way the wife treats her. He tells her comparing the two of them she has no use in the house. She barely does nothing even spreading their own bed. She tells the wife to pack and leave the house. He tells her he needs a hardworking wife someone who can make him happy.

He marries the house help and they start a new life together.