5 stupid things every girl in love does
Delyne Bosibori
5 months ago

There is a saying that always goes; you cannot advise a girl in love. Research shows that most of the ladies especially in their 20s love the bad boys more. In most cases these guys are not the perfect for them though others usually have good intentions all the same.

There are some things that every girl does when in love that they later regret after falling out of love. They include; 

Tolerating violence 

Once violent, always violent. This is something that some girls go through and most of them suffer in silence because they want to keep their relationships. Others will always have the notion that perhaps this violent person she is dating will change. Once you show a man that he can get away with violence then they will always take advantage on the same.

Forgiving cheating 

At some point we have forgiven our partners for cheating. These guys will always blame satan for their actions. Others go an extra mile to put the blame on other ladies for seducing them or even druging them which is always lies. Once you are out of the relationship you will realize that it was not worth to forgive them.

Giving up for the guy

You will find someone telling you to give up on your dreams just to prove your love for them. Other guys will tell their ladies to stop working in that they will take care of them. This is someone who has full control over you and monitors everything you do.

House wife duties

If someone has not put a ring on your finger, never perform any wifely duties. This includes doing his laundry, cleaninmg the dishes and his house. These men will have other ladies doing nothing for them as you visit during the weeekend to clean up his crib like a house manager.


Many people have taken their lives because they have been hurt in one way or another. When you breakup with someone, you will always find another person who is perhaps better than him. Be in a position to ask yourself if that person will take their life too for you.