3 Pictures of Samia Suluhu's Stylish Outfits That Prove She's The Most Fashionable President
Albanas Kiswili
1 year ago
- In the few days that President Suluhu spent in Kenya, many expressed admiration for her bold fashion statements that she made with her choice of outfits - Suluhu perfectly matched her ensembles with her hijabs and shoes and amplified her femininity with her dressing - Besides her outfits, the Tanzanian leader won the hearts of many Kenyans with her speeches and commitment to streamlining the relations between Kenya and Tanzania

She touched down at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in a stylish brown top, matching pants and shoes, and a dark brown hijab. However, a few hours later, while arriving at State House, Nairobi, the head of state, had already changed her brown ensemble and had donned an exquisite purple outfit, and this did not go unnoticed.
By the time her visit ended, many took to their social media platforms to express admiration for Suluhu's taste in fashion.