25-year-old woman killed by her foreign lover at devils hour in Nyali
Albanas Kiswili
3 months ago

Detectives in the coastal region specifically Nyali have launched a man hunt operation for a suspect believed to have murdered his lover at 3am today morning.

The suspect who is allegedly said to be a foreigner killed his lover by throwing her from the balcony of their bedroom in Nyali's Sunny Side apartments. He then fled the scene after committing the crime in the devils hour, leaving other holiday makers in the apartment heavily shaken.

A guard at the apartment was on the beat walking around his area of assignment,when he heard delirious screams of a woman from the skies, followed by a loud bang metres from where he was standing.

Thunderstruck, he cautiously approached what seemed to be an object only to discover that it was a half dressed woman, who lay dead in a pool of blood.

The guard identified as Parsaoti Ole Morinket, took flight towards the janitor’s room, where he informed him of the incident.

Together, they visited the scene and established that the lifeless body belonged to a 25-year-old woman,who had earlier in the night been invited to room A10, by a man named Muyanga Suleiman. They immediately rushed to the room only to find it’s door wide open and the man missing.

Detectives based at Nyali were raised and they responded immediately. They combed the entire apartment in search of the suspect but he had already vanished.

Back at the scene, vacationers who minutes earlier were asleep enjoying the ocean’s soothing breeze, stood at a safe distance conversing in low tones.

Others peeped from the windows of their rooms with their mouths agape, at the sight of the horrific scene. 

Crime scene detectives processed the scene and gathered as much information regarding the incident, before finally transferring  the body of the deceased to a morgue in the coastal city.

This incident comes barely a day after two bodies belonging to a man and a woman fell from an apartment in nearby Mtwapa, in a mind boggling incident that left more questions than answers.

A manhunt for the suspect into this murder most foul has since been launched, with a specialized detachment being deployed for his neck. His minute of arrest is night.