11 family members among victims that perished in Enziu River tragedy in Mwingi
Albanas Kiswili
1 month ago

A family in Mwingi is realing in shock after losing 11 family members in the Mwingi Bus tragedy on Saturday afternoon.

According ot one Rodgers Muli, his relatives had boarded the bus to attend their parents' wedding before the tables turned to be tearful day.

Muliwho was among the people who were in the overloaded St Joseph Seminary Mwingi bus that plunged into Enziu River on Saturday, December 4; has stated that his parents, Mutua Mbuvi and Syombua Mbuvi, were expected to celebrate their wedding but now are in mourning.

"The majority of the people who perished are from my family. My aunts, uncles. We were waiting for a body of a child to be retrieved and he has been recovered," an emotional Muli spoke to the media.

In a turn of events, the Mwingi bus tragedy was ferring St. Cecilia Choir church members to a wedding ceremony in Mwingi town.

The driver was trying to cross a flooded bridge but was overpowered by the waters and tripped over with passengers on board.

The family members have now called on the government to act swiftly and build a bridge across the Enziu river. 

At the timeof going to the press, atleast 33 victims have been confirmed dead with their bodies retrieved retrieved from the river.

Speaking on the issue, Kitui County Governor, Charity Ngilu, has stated that recovery process is still ongoing.

"The ill fated bus wreckage has been retrieved from the river bed and the process of ascertaining whether there are any more bodies still trapped in the wreckage or the river bed continues." she pointed out.


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According to another survivors, the driver of the bus was reluctant about crossing the river He allegedly took two hours before making the final decision to plough through the water.

A survivor, Simon Kea, narrated that the driver got confident after two matatus and some contractors crossed the flooded river. Some of the travelers who were stranded by the river banks also hopped onto the bus with the hope of getting to the other side.

"We were about 40 passengers when leaving Mwingi in the morning. Around 10 seats were empty. As we were crossing the river, the 51-seater bus was full with more than 15 people standing," Kea told the media.